It has been 20 years since the fellowship was disbanded and the friends went their own ways; spread out into the wind, the friends had disbanded after vanquishing dark forces. Seeking to define their destiny, inspired by the hope of victory, young and naive, each one sought to capitalize on the moment. As time passed and summers faded, the wounds of battle became distant memories of another time; scars that would forever remind them of the companionship left behind. New stories were to be told, families created and different challenges the friends faced. Some remained loosely in friendship, despite distant shore separating them; others faded into the horizon never to be heard from again. Each one had followed their path filled with happiness, love, and friendship… except one whose heart grew darker and more powerful than anyone could have imagined. Darkness had consumed him, fueled by frustration, hatred, and loss. If there was ever a moment old friends would need to reunite, this was the time, 20 years since the fellowship had parted.

Elders of Mons